Welcome to my webpage!

I have a PhD in Pure Mathematics from Florida State University. My research interests are in the domain of applied category theory, graph machine learning, quantum computing and foundations of quantum mechanics. My PhD was supervised by Dr. Tyler Foster, an algebraic geometer by training. What got me into math was the what makes us human and how we’re positioned in the world – how on earth did we come up with mere formal mathematical symbols, and why do they mean so much?!

I also don’t want to build an ivory tower of questions and answers, only. I imagine they might be socially awkward. My guiding manifesto comes from the Azimuth Project in using math as a fundamental tool to advance science and society.

I started my journey to math from our natural understanding of ourselves – biology. My first introduction to some serious math was blood flow modelling, which I have aptly all forgotten now. I never really developed an interest for Fluid Mechanics, I guess. Or Differential Equations in general. What moved me was Foundations of Physics. From there, Foundations of Mathematics in general was only a small leap away, especially after learning how eventful Gödel’s life was.

Fun fact about me: I dedicated my undergrad thesis to Kurt Gödel. As an immature undergrad, I didn’t have the decency to honor someone living, so I honored the dead. Though that thesis didn’t have anything to do with Godel: I wrote out equations to model the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm using (quantum) Braggs Diffraction. Quantum Computation just wasn’t basic enough for me, so for my master’s thesis, I looked at the Hilbert space requirement for quantum mechanics, which led to the unexciting and obvious fact that a unified model of reality really needs to let go of orthomodular vectors.

I find Category Theory a fascinating complement to my interests. It’s a balancing act, in the words of Mazur, in a world of relatives. And don’t even get me started on equality. And equality of equality. And equality of equality of equality. And so on.